Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch asked this simple question of his Twitter followers and was met with an outpouring of intimate and moving photos. Deitsch explained that he was inspired by a photo of sportscaster Steve Bennett celebrating with his family after his younger brother helped win the NCAA hockey championship following an extended stay in the hospital.

By tweeting that one quandary to his followers, he opened the virtual floodgates and thousands began sharing their heartwarming photos of of wedding days, hospital stays, and relatives passed. More than 200 of the journalist’s nearly 86,000 Twitter followers replied, all of them sharing their personal moments and in turn adding to the emotional gallery.

1. The One That Inspired Them All:

Sports journalist Richard Deistch shared this picture of brothers Greg Day (left), Adam Day (center) and Steven Bennett (right) as they celebrated the NCAA hockey championship at Yale.

Happy Moment

2. The Big Moment:

This adorable photo of a young girl meeting a newborn was shared by someone who said it ‘is honestly one of the best photos I’ve ever seen’

Feel-Good Moment

3. Breathe

Ryan Kaltenbach picked this picture of him kissing his wife Sharlie, who has cystic fibrosis, after she opened her eyes for the first time following her double lung and heart transplant.

Feel-Good Moment

4. Doing It Together:

Troy Feldpausch showed the picture of his older daughter taking his younger daughter’s hand on her first day of school.

Feel-Good Moment

5. Happy Homecoming:

David Kaye chose the picture of him returning from Afghanistan in 2006 which he said was the ‘best feeling in the world’.

Feel-Good Moment

6. Proud Mama:

Lane Smith posted a picture from his high school graduation when his mother, who works as the school superintendent, handed him his hard-earned diploma.

Feel-Good Moment

7. Dedicated Fan:

Jer Rutman, who has Chrone’s disease, thought the moment when he woke up from his liver transplant to see that his beloved Giants were about to win the Super Bowl was his favorite to date.

Feel-Good Moment

8. Holding Baby Girl:

Holding my baby girl for the first time after her 12-hour open-heart surgery to save her life.

Feel-Good Moment

9. Baby Sister:

When my older daughter met her baby sister for the first time.

Feel-Good Moment

10. Four Generations:

My nephew was born a week before my grandfather died. I took one pic of all 4 generations together.

Feel-Good Moment

via: Dailymail | Huffingtonpost

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