Russian Woman Gets Lip Injections To Look Like Jessica Rabbit

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Kristina Rei Lips Injection

The 22-year-old Kristina Rei hated her “thin” lips and she loved huge lips of famous cartoon character Jessica Rabbit so she decided to spent £4,000 on silicone jabs — and still wants more. Now she has the world’s biggest lips (but anybody likes such huge lips? not me at least).

“I want to go more extreme. I want to look like a cartoon character. I am addicted to it, I love it … My big lips have helped boost my confidence. Even my parents are happy for me. They really don’t care about my appearance. Some of my friends have told me I shouldn’t go any bigger but I’m not satisfied yet.”

Kristina Rei Lips Injection

Kristina before her silicone odyssey

Kristina Rei Lips Injection

Kristina after lips injection

Kristina Rei Lips Injection

Here is another comparison

It is really strange to see how far some people could go to achieve the appearance they think perfect. Herbert Chavez, a big fan of Superman, from Philippines also altered his appearance just to look like his superhero.

(via: Planet1051)

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