Augmented reality is a technology that takes the real-world environment and combines it with computer-generated audio-visual enhancements to elevate the user’s experience by providing additional and valuable information.

Augmented Reality is shaking up the technology scene, and its integration into various businesses has brought with it a cost-saving and an operations optimization element. The following are ways that AR has revolutionized the delivery service industry.

· Virtual packaging

For people who sell things online, AR has taken the guesswork out of things. All you have to do is download an app that you’ll use to scan your items, allowing you to create a virtual 3D box. This is important because now you won’t waste their time and money buying boxes that may end up being too big or too small for their items. When you have completed that process, head over to Parcel Broker to get a quotation for their courier services with the correct parcel dimensions.

· Parcel selection

Through the use of AR technology like Smart Glasses, sorting activities in the warehouse can take less time. The smart glasses can be used as a navigational tool. This way, it will help the warehouse worker to locate a relevant parcel with high accuracy, thus saving a lot of time. This will prove to be very useful, especially during busy periods. Companies like Amazon who boast of storage facilities that cover 110,000 square meters have derived benefits from such technologies in their sorting process.

· Packing of parcels in the van

AR can help in streamlining the loading process, thus helping the loaders to categorize the parcels In terms of size and their fragile nature. This is very important since the aim of the company is to deliver the goods in the intended state.

Also, during deliveries, a driver will spend a considerable amount of time trying to locate the right parcel for delivery in their vehicle once they have reached their destination. Therefore, during loading, Augmented reality can be used to sort the parcels in the loading van so as to optimize the time used on a delivery route. The AR sorted parcels may be arranged such that the parcels in the front of the van are for the early drop off points on the delivery route and the ones in the back are for the final drop off points. In addition, AR can use customer feedback to optimize delivery routes, The customer’s package won’t leave the warehouse if they won’t be present to receive the package.

· Traffic and travel support

Customer satisfaction is one of the core missions of a delivery service. Therefore, appropriate and on-time deliveries are important. Since drivers spend about 60% of their time driving, the optimization of various delivery routes can help to improve the service. This can be done through the integration of traffic congestions, closed routes, and weather conditions.


Augmented Reality is still an emerging technology that is currently bringing revolutionary efficiencies to the delivery process. As technology advances, will AR and because some companies in the delivery service have already embraced it, you can expect exceptional service from them in the next few years.

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