As we head into another new year, it’s well worth thinking about different ways you can boost your health and wellbeing with a bit of help from technology. From devices that can directly track aspects of your health, to apps that help you keep organised with medication and appointments, it could be worth investing in some health technology in 2020 and enjoying an easier, healthier new year.


If 2020 is the year you decide to try for a baby, it’s well worth looking at getting a fertility device. These don’t boost your fertility directly, but they do track your cycle allowing you identify and then predict when you ovulate and therefore when you’ll be fertile.

You stand the best chance of getting pregnant in the time when the average lifespan of sperm overlaps the viable life of the egg after it’s ovulated. If you don’t know when this 6-7 window will fall, you’re denying yourself an important advantage, and it could take you longer to get pregnant. A good fertility monitor is an even more important asset if you, like 20% of women in the UK, have PCOS and ovulate rarely and irregularly: each ovulation is a comparatively more precious chance to get pregnant.

Fitness Trackers

If you’re interested in keeping healthy, like to track your exercise with firm data and make sure you’re beating your personal, or need to enforce a minimum level of exercise to keep you up to the mark, then you’ve never had a greater choice of personal fitness tracker.

Fitbit is the archetypal name that’s probably popped into your head, but it’s well worth looking at the feature list of the latest crop of devices. Depending on your precise needs and interests, it might be worth picking a different brand and choosing one that has GPS tracking to map your runs, or integrates with your phone to provide smart-watch functions as you work out.

GP Apps

If you have health concerns that need a lot of consultations and are pressed for time, have mobility issues or simply can’t get an appointment with your GP, it’s well worth looking at the new crop of apps that gives you access to trained doctors through text chat and video calls in minutes!

The doctors involved have full NHS training and accreditation, and are able to diagnose, refer and even write prescriptions for you. If they can’t diagnose you remotely, they can at least provide advice and a fast track to a specialist who can help you further – they’re well worth considering!

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