Eggshell Carvings by Ben Tre

We have previously featured some incredible eggshell carvings, but Vietnamese artist Ben Tre takes the eggshell carving art to new heights by turning them into lamps with LED lights in each work of art to illuminate it.

He has carved many famous portraits, landscapes, and scenery from chicken eggshells. These sculptures and more decorative than functional and you can order them from Ben Tre’s website.

Lamps Made From Carved Eggshells

Beautifully Intricate Lamps Made Of Fragile Carved Eggshells

Vietnamese Artist Carves Eggshells into Stunning Works of Art

Eggshell Carvings

Artist Carves Eggshells to Create Masterpieces

Eggshell Carvings by Ben Tre

Beautiful Eggshell Carvings

Eggshell Carvings by Ben Tre

website: dieukhacmientay

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