Astounding Packing Tape Portraits

Amsterdam-based artist Max Zorn is known for his amazing packaging tape art. He creates stunning portraits using only packing tape and scalpel. His mind-blowing packaging tape portraits are hung over street lamps for the final effect, with multiple shades created through layers of tape strips.

Using a similar technique to Mark Khaisman, Zorn creates scenes of light and shadow using strips and cut pieces of brown packing tape. Zorn essentially works with just a single colored tape, creating several shades as he goes along. He creatively manages to get the expressions with only the use of his scalpel.

Packaging Tape Art by Max Zorn

Tape Art by Max Zorn

Like most artists, he got this idea about using packaging tape completely by accident: β€œThe idea to work with tape instead of paint was inspired by a friend who worked as a car designer at that time. These guys often use slim tapes to outline their ideas on large boards. I was surprised to see, how fast they could create stunning sketches with it.”

Something similar happened with the discovery of street lamps: β€œThe idea to use light as a medium was born during a nightly run through Amsterdam. The nice old street lamps with their golden light seemed perfect to be used as an open gallery,” says Max.

Max Zorn Tape Art

Amazing Packaging Tape Portraits by Max Zorn

Incredible Packaging Tape Art by Max Zorn

Astounding Packing Tape Portraits

Packaging Tape Art by Max Zorn [Video]

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