Facebook-Inspired Social Media Shoes

Design artist, Lumen Biggot, from Venezuela has come up with a unique designs of Social Media Shoes..

“I’m a big fan of inspiration blogs, I also spend a lot of time in social networks and I love fashion: those three things are responsible for this shoes collection,” said Lumen.

The ideas is pretty simple but executed creatively. She designed these social media shoes highlighting the most important graphic elements of social networks sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Wikipedia, Google Buzz and Dribble.

Flickr-Inspired Social Media Shoes

Twitter-Inspired Social Media Shoes

Google Buzz-Inspired Social Media Shoes

Wikipedia-Inspired Social Media Shoes

Youtube-Inspired Social Media Shoes

Dribble-Inspired Social Media Shoes

Note: The shoes are just a concept and thus they aren’t available for sale.

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