Much like your home, your business premises needs to be safe and secure. Just like how people break into homes to steal possessions and information, they do the same with business properties. The only difference is, your business premises likely contains a multitude of high value items and important client information and records.

Not just this, but your business is responsible for your livelihood and that of your employees, so it’s vital that you do everything you can to keep it safe and secure. This also goes for when it’s vacant. With this in mind, we’ve put together some of the ways you can protect your business and what/who is in it.

Security Personnel

One of if not the most effective security measures you can take is to hire a patrol guard to monitor your premises. This works best in retail environments where there are a lot of high value items, or in corporate areas that cover a large square footage, but any type of work place can benefit from a manned guard. This includes vacant properties which are of particular interest to squatters and the like.

There are few things that deter thieves and wrongdoers, but the physical presence of a guard will surely do it. This is because manned guards are professionally trained to not only spot the signs of a potential intruder, but t reprimand them and de-escalate the situation. If there’s a witness in close proximity, criminals are far less likely to take a chance and will instead opt for a premises that doesn’t have a guard.


Cameras might seem like the obvious choice, but it may surprise you to learn that many businesses don’t use them, and of those that do, a lot of the cameras are old and unreliable. We like in an age of technology where we can freely record things in ultra-HD, and yet so many businesses rely on decades-old CCTV systems that record a photograph every second or so. Footage is often grainy and fuzzy, making it almost impossible to make out faces and identities.

Cameras are also often placed in just one location. Ideally, you want cameras at every entrance and overlooking each corner of the property. Having one camera at the main door isn’t enough to track movements when someone gets inside, leaving your property vulnerable.

Not just this, but sometimes, footage is automatically deleted after 24 hours to free up storage space. This means any evidence may potentially be destroyed. Thieves will usually be able to tell the difference between the different types of cameras, including fake ones, so make sure you install a high quality, modern system that connects to an online storage cloud. This should deter criminals, but it will also provide you with evidence for the police and intruders if needed.


Most of us have alarms on our cars and in our houses, so why not put one in your business premises? Alarms emit loud noises which draw attention to the building, making it far less likely that a criminal will risk breaking in and being caught as a result of the noise.

Many business alarms are directly connected to a security agency who monitor them, and they can contact the police should they identify a potential threat. This results in quick action. Paired with a security camera capturing live footage, there’s a far greater chance a criminal will be caught, meaning most will skip over your property if they are aware of these security measures.


There’s no guarantee that a patrol guard, CCTV and alarms will stop crime against your business altogether, but they’ll certainly reduce the chances of it so are well worth investing in.

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