The Fine Art of Coffee Portraiture

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Coffee Portraiture

Mike Breach, a creative barista from The New York City, draws quick, intricate latte portraits that are enjoyed for only a moments before being consumed. Mike says he enjoys the quick connection he is able to make with people who are always surprised an excited about his art.

Mike was not well-known coffee artist but it all started a year ago when Mike was working in a hotel kitchen, he was so so bored that he started drawing things on coffee just to pass the time. Using toothpick he tried to teach himself how to create something in coffee foam. He started by doing hearts on his cups and people got really excited. He took it further and came up with the teddy bears (“the girls just love those”). He even created a portrait of that hotel boss (“he didn’t show it to him, but my coworkers and he laughed about it”).

Coffee Portraits by Mike Breach

Mike Breach Coffee Art

Coffee Art by Mike Breach

Coffee Art by Mike Breach

Coffee Art by Mike Breach

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