Dan Gregor & Rachel Bloom pose in a mirror while adjusting a loaf in supplement of his tie

Here comes another internet photo craze: Baguetting. A group of comedians Tim Bierbaum and John Milhiser from Serious Lunch have launched a unique and bizarre internet craze of posting their pictures creatively posing with baguettes. First there was planking and then cat beards, now Baguetting is another bizarre photo craze, who knows what comes next?

What is Baguette & Baguetting?

If you don’t know what is “Baguette”, a baguette is a long thin loaf of French bread. It is distinguishable by its length. It can be up to a meter (40 in) long. The term “Baguetting” derived from this French bread Baguette. Baguetting is taking a photo of a scene where an object or body part has been substitute with a baguette.

Baguetting: Cuddling a Loaf Wrapped Like a Baby

Using a baguette as an electrical outlet

Parking tickets with Baguette

Shaving with Baguette

Playing Tennis with Baguette

Using Baguette as Microphone

Caught baguette while fishing

Defense against attacking baguette

Music with Baguette

Discovering the remaining of baguettes

Source: Wikipedia & Dailymail

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