China Car Crash

Firefighters were amazed to discover that despite the vehicle being crushed into a barely recognizable shape, a man and a woman were somehow still alive and calling for help.

The shocking accident took place in Quingdao in eastern China’s Shandong province when a shipping container toppled over, shedding its load on to the car containing the two man and woman. Firefighters arrived the scene and were expecting nobody could have survived the shocking accident, but they heard a woman calling for help from within the twisted metal.

Shipping Container Fell Over Car

China Car Crash

A stunning rescue operation involving a 100 tonne crane then got underway, and it was discovered the couple had only 60cm of space remaining inside their crushed car.

Incredibly the woman was easily pulled out the wreckage with little more than cuts and bruises, although she was subsequently taken to hospital to be treated for shock.

The man traveling with her was in a more serious condition and needed to be cut free from the crushed vehicle, but he too is expected to make a full recovery. (via: dailymail)

Man & Woman Survive After Shocking Accident in China

Lorry's Shipping Container Fell Over Car, A Man & Woman Still Survive

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