Mug Sweaters

The design team at Nawonowe has created these adorable Mug Sweaters that would keep your mug warm and looking pretty. They are also great for shielding your hands from a cup of too-hot beverage.

My husband is a real coffee lover, and he has a cute big coffee mug. He drinks coffee from that mug every morning and every lunchtime. One day, his muggie friend got a little bit cracked. He kept Muggie on his desk as a pen-holder, but it looked a bit lonely to me. I was staring at it for a while, and started to wonder how I could make his Muggie happy again.

I made my mind up to knit a sweater for it! And that’s the story of how the first mug sweater was born. 🙂

If you like you can order your own custom made mug sweaters on their Etsy Shop.

Knitted Sweaters For Your Coffee

Little Knit Sweaters For Your Coffee Mug

Adorable, Miniature Knit Sweaters For Keeping Your Coffee Mugs Warm

Mug Sweaters

Custom Handmade Knitted Sweaters Made for Mugs

Mug Sweaters

via: laughingsquid

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