Taiwanese man, Hu Han-yan has shaved his hair into the shape of Hello Kitty to cheer up his depressed 84-year-old father.

Hu Han-yan is president of a local Engineering company in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Hu says his father, Hu Peng-fei, had been feeling down recently due to his age and the cold weather and he wanted to do something to cheer him up.

He recently shaved his head into a pattern featuring the fictional character Hello Kitty. After 2 hours of laborious cutting and shaving the masterpiece was complete. Eager with anticipation, Mr. Ko went to his father to show off his freshly styled noggin and cheer him up. And he succeeded too, for when he glimpsed his sons new hairdo, the old man burst out laughing saying: “What the…? How old are you anyway?”

To the media he remarked: “I have one brave son.” Mission complete.

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