Pencil-Shaped Floor Lamp

The HB Lamp is a giant 5.5ft. tall pencil-shaped floor lamp with a 26ft. cord snaking out of its tip. This beautiful pencil lamp is the debut product from Michael & George in their first “stationary objects” range. It aims to elicit a smile and illuminate your room.

They say, “Our hope is to inspire light bulb moments within everyone who comes in to contact with the ‘HB Lamp’ (just as the traditional HB pencil has been the conduit to so many light bulb moments throughout history.)”. The HB Lamp is available for purchase online. A smaller version is also in the works.

Pencil-Shaped Floor Lamp Giant wooden pencil allows you to draw on walls and floors with an extra long cord.

Pencil-Shaped Floor Lamp

Pencil-Shaped Floor Lamp The power cord extends from the pencil’s tip, thus creating the illusion of a drawn line.

Pencil-Shaped Floor Lamp “Giant Pencil Lamp” comes packaged inside of a large wooden box.

via: laughingsquid

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