10 Amazing Design Freebies From DealFuel.com

For every web designer, the use of pre-developed templates is pretty standard. This approach not only increases the efficiency of the designers but also helps them to stay tuned with all the latest tools and innovations that the being used around the globe.

So, you as a designer are always on the lookout for such amazing tools and templates. One such place to score a spectrum of different tools and templates is DealFuel.com. They showcase and categorize every product that helps you to track down the resource of your need with utmost ease. Also, they provide amazing discounts and offers that let you avail some of the most indispensable design resources at rock bottom price. DealFuel is also known for providing its users some freebies that can be instantly downloaded for free, and their utilities can blow every designer’s minds. So read on and find out what’s the fuss about all the freebies.

1. Royalty Free Graphics

Design Freebies Download Here

This set of royalty-free graphics consists of some neat designs, which can be used as decorative items for your web-store, as headers or can even be used on printable medium. It also provides you some high-quality images or design templates that can be edited according to your requirements or used as website background as it is. All in all, these graphics can be used for decoration purpose, on printable medium, and for redesigning major components of your website as well. These free graphics are easy to work with and can be used on commercial or personal projects.

2. Pricing Tables & Banners

Design Freebies Download Here

Pricing tables are extremely helpful in portraying different plans and pricing options which help the user to compare different offers quickly. While the tables increase readability with less content, the banners can be used to highlight the prominent aspects of the website. The pricing table and banner come in different color options and can be further modified according to your needs and requirements. They can be instantly downloaded and can find limitless implications in e-commerce and insurance websites. They support a number of different fonts and can be used or personal as well as commercial purposes.

3. Heraldry vector images

Design Freebies Download Here

This set of 16 high-quality patterns portrays medieval culture at its best. These patterns consist of vintage and mythical characters and artifacts that would give your website a touch of royalty and mysticism. These images would perfectly fit in websites that conduct auction of vintage goods and artifacts. They can be downloaded in different formats and edited according to your needs and requirements. However, the application of these images should be restricted only to personal and educational use.

4. Cloud Stock Images

Design Freebies Download Here

Now-a-days most of the website background is filled with stock photographs, thus making the user interface monotonous. However, with these set of 25 different cloud pattern images, you can give your website a complete makeover. These high-quality cloud stock images depict different cloud patterns from the different time of the day and can be implemented in your personal and commercial projects according to your needs and desire. These images bring about a liberating and peaceful vibe to your website and can be used in a number of different websites.

5. Stylish Logo Set

Design Freebies Download Here

Logos alone represent your web-store/ web-app and distinguish you from your competitors. They add character to your website and also the mobile app version of the same. Using this resource, you can lay your hands on 6 different business logos. These logos can be easily modified to give it a character of its own and used accordingly. They can be aptly used for fashion and healthcare industries, consulting and many more.

6. Christmas Graphic Design

Design Freebies Download Here

Christmas brings along an array of offers and goodies. Also, the holiday season tends to attract a lot of new customers. So why not grab this opportunity and renovate and decorate your website with cool designs and web elements? This resource consists of over 20 different elements, consisting of Christmas theme buttons, mascots, and other festive artifacts. This would help you give our website a festive makeover and also spread the Christmas spirit.

7. Thanksgiving Graphics

Design Freebies Download Here

Thanksgiving means family time. So with these Thanksgiving graphics, you can provide your website a Thanksgiving themed facelift. This graphics pack consists of different 3D hats, Thanksgiving family image, turkeys and a number of thanksgiving theme buttons, to commemorate the occasion. These graphics can be instantly downloaded in different formats and used on your website with utmost ease.

8. 100 Smart device icons

Design Freebies Download Here

It is an era of mobile. Mobiles, pads have replaced computers. Even Google, has a new algorithm about displaying only those sites on the mobile which are responsive to the mobile screens. So, the best way to for anyone to show that your website is mobile friendly is to use these smart device icons which will represent the mobile-friendliness of your website. There are 100 device icons that for iphones, ipads, mobile phones, windows phones, shuffle etc.

9. Vector Badges

Design Freebies Download Here

Vector badges can propagate a lot of information and also increase readability. These 16 different vector badges has a vintage look & feel and can be used to denote authenticity, originality & fragility of various products; thus making it a potent option for various web-stores and auction websites. This set of 16 vector badges can be easily downloaded and used on commercial as well as personal projects.

10. Tricolor typeface

Design Freebies Download Here

While creating headers or logo titles, you are limited by font styles and character pigment. However, with the tricolor typeface, you can create a font that would consist of three different typeface incorporated in a single character. This typeface allows you to tweak your existing font styles and add a palate of different colors in it, thus making it more appealing. This resource can have limitless implications and is easy to work with. All you need is a vector editing application, the likes of Adobe Illustrator and a bit of ingenuity.

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