Kitten Swallowed Six-inch TV Aerial

Alphie the kitten is lucky to be alive after swallowing a six-inch TV aerial. He had to undergo emergency surgery after he swallowed a metal digital antenna. Vets at PDSA’s Sheffield PetAid hospital were stunned when X-rays revealed the aerial, which was lodged in his oesophagus and stomach.

Owner Vanessa Waite, 36, said she had only had the young tabby for a few days when he started showing signals of his love affair with the TV, transfixed by the bright images. But she’d no idea he had also developed an unhealthy obsession with the aerial.

Vanessa said: “One night I heard a loud bang and went upstairs to investigate but I assumed Alphie had fallen off the windowsill. He seemed okay and was just hiding under the bed.

“It wasn’t until later that I realized that one of the aerial antennas was missing from my TV.”

Kitten Swallowed Six-inch TV Aerial

Veterinary surgeon at PDSA said, “It’s fortunate that he didn’t swallow it the other way round, as the sharp broken end could have punctured his stomach and caused damage to his intestines, which could have been fatal.”

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