Camera Made of Chocolate

Creative artist Hans Chung from San Francisco creates solid chocolate replica of a Canon D60 camera with battery grip. It takes 5 pounds of chocolate to make each camera and Hans Chung mentions on his Etsy shop that he will make only 5 more chocolate cameras on-demand. Limited edition “Chocolate Camera” can be yours for only $500, available at Etsy/ChocCamera

“I buy a real camera and a real lens. Then I make a mold box and make a mold. The camera is pretty much destroyed in the process. Making a mold of something so intricate is not easy nor cheap. The mold material required to achieve this level of detail does not last beyond 10 copies. After 10 copies, some details start to fade away. Each camera takes about 5 hours of elapsed time of tempering and pouring. I only have a small chocolate tempering machine.”

Chocolate DSLR Camera

Canon Chocolate Camera

Canon Camera Made of Chocolate

DSLR Camera Made of Chocolate

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