Bird Art Made From Flower Petals

Malaysian artist Hong Yi came up with a new unique and interesting series of bird illustrations made out of flower petals. She got fame in the past for her amazing coffee stain portraits and this time she is using totally different medium.

She writes on her website, “I started this series when I realized that flower petals – especially gerbera petals – look similar to feathers especially when they are arranged on top of one another, layer by layer. I try to push the limits of my creativity by experimenting with a new material for my art every month, and I upload these mini art projects onto my Instagram account.”

Flower Petal Bird Art

Flower Petal Bird Art by Hong Yi

Exotic Birds Rendered in Flower Petals

Birds Made of Flower Petals and Leaves by Red Hong

Red Hong Yi's Playful Exotic Birds Made of Flower Petals

Impressive Illustrations of Birds Composed of Flower Petals

Exotic Birds Created with Flower Petals

Bird Illustrations Made Out of Flower Petals

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