The Titan Beetle – World’s Biggest Beetle

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World's Biggest Beetle

This mysterious creature is known as the Titan beetle, one of the strongest beetle that can grow up to seven inches long. It can easy snap a wooden pencil in two with its jaws.

The creature is so large that it does not have enough energy to fly from the ground so instead must climb trees and launch itself from a branch before it actually takes to the air. Interestingly despite of its terrifying size and fearsome bite, it is entirely harmless to humans.

The insect hides away in South America’s humid tropical rainforests and only ventures out to find a mate. Judging by large boreholes found in dead trees, scientists believe the grubs feed on decaying wood underground for several years before they are fully grown,

World's Biggest Beetle

World's Biggest Beetle

via: odditycentral

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