When you think of popular companies, you will often find that even the mention of a company’s name will bring to mind the image of the company’s logo or a snippet of their jingle. The most well known companies in the world identify themselves with a famous logo for many reasons.

In this post I am going to share how you can identify yourself with a logo design.

First of all, even if a company’s name isn’t well known, a logo is instantly recognizable when you see it. Secondly, anyone can recognize a logo, even children, so when you have a logo you have something that anyone (even someone who doesn’t natively speak the language your company is based in) will recognize.

When choosing or designing a logo, there are a few common themes to follow for a successful logo. Finding a shape or image representative of your company or business’ name is easy, for example the McDonalds “Golden Arches” both reminiscent of the M in the name as well as the fries they serve.

Use of Mascots In Logo Design
Another common tactic is to have a mascot or representative character as the face of your company. Food brands, particularly those aimed towards children, often have cartoony characters in commercials and on packaging that they will be able to see and identify in stores.


Marketing & Promotion
Once you have a logo for your “brand” or company, you can try getting it out there in one of many ways. Business cards with the logo are popular choices if your services are local. For a more far-reaching effect, try branded clothing, anything from t-shirts to medical uniforms like scrubs.

Scrubs and medical uniforms may seem like a stretch, but the more your logo is spread into the community, the more recognized it will become and the more people will associate it with you. Just be sure that you recognize that logo design and spreading that design once you’ve finalized it are equally important parts of utilizing a logo to spread awareness of your company or business.

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